Jacob Kasaboski has short, dark, curly hair. He's wearing a bright, blue top and standing outside the Kingston General Hospital site.
Jacob Kasaboski is pursuing a career in nursing after spending the summer working as a nursing support assistant at Kingston Health Sciences Centre.
Matthew Manor/KHSC

When Jacob Kasaboski applied to be a nursing support assistant with Kingston Health Sciences Centre (KHSC) in June, little did he know the role would inspire a whole new career path.

He heard about the position from his mom, Jennifer Kasaboski, who works with KHSC’s Professional Practice department.

“I thought it would be a good summer job and it was something I had never done before,” says Jacob. “I also thought it would be nice to work with my mom.”

He got the job and throughout the summer Jacob has been supporting a number of units at the Kingston General Hospital site.

Part of his role includes taking direction from nurses, stocking units and using different technologies to connect patients with their loved ones.

Jacob also provides support for patients with daily living activities and personal care, like feeding or helping them go to the bathroom.

“The hospital staff are all so nice and helpful. Working with patients, bringing joy to their day and making their stay in the hospital more enjoyable is really rewarding.”

Not only rewarding, but also inspiring. Before this experience Jacob wasn’t completely sure what he wanted to do career wise, but now he does.

“Getting this great first-hand experience and talking things over with my mom and the nurses on the floors, I’m now pursuing a career in nursing.”

And he isn’t wasting any time. He’s enrolled in the nursing program at St. Lawrence College.

Jacob’s goal is to come back to KHSC as a registered nurse and pay the kindness he received, during what was supposed to be a summer job, forward. 

“I can’t thank everyone enough for their kindness. Being able to give back to the nurses and staff that helped me, and maybe have the same effect on someone working there as a student wanting to go into nursing would be amazing.”

And you may still see Jacob around. He’s working casually while he finishes up his education.