People of KHSC: Sarah Moore-Vasram

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People of KHSC celebrates individuals across the organization who capture the spirit of caring deeply for patients, families and each other

As a health-care worker, Sarah Moore-Vasram says, “my influence on people’s health is limited. So much of what determines someone’s overall health is social in nature and beyond what I can do in health care. The conditions in which people are born, grow and live can account for over half of what determines their health outcomes. 

“That’s why I’m a strong supporter of the United Way (UW) and Kingston Health Sciences Centre’s annual UW Workplace Campaign that raises much needed funds for programs that address key areas such as food insecurity, homelessness, poverty, and employment instability. 

“By supporting UW-funded programs that really make a difference in peoples’ lives it makes the communities in which we live stronger and healthier, and strengthens our social connections to one another. It’s really important to me to know that what I donate to the United Way through my workplace will be used to support people in Kingston and the surrounding areas, and bring about positive change in our communities.

“Selfishly, I also give money and time to my Workplace Campaign because it feels good and makes me feel happy. I believe there are several physical and mental health benefits to being charitable. I also think it is contagious, and hope that my coworkers see this and are inspired to give what they can this year to a very worthwhile cause."

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