Q2 accomplishments

News / General
By Matthew Manor

It is time for us to put the spotlight on some of the success stories from our latest quarterly report against our long-term strategy and annual corporate performance goals.

Our second quarter ended Sept. 30, 2011, and we are pleased to report that 64 per cent of our milestone targets are on track. Looking forward, we anticipate at least 80 per cent of our milestones will be fully achieved by this fiscal year end.

The review of second quarter results is particularly important given that we are halfway through the fiscal year. At this point we are taking a close look not only at where we are, but what steps or decisions we need to make to adjust our approach so that areas of concern are addressed.

In addition to analyzing our performance against our strategy, we have taken a step back to assess the dynamic and evolving health-care environment in which we operate, the volume of change that staff are being asked to implement, and our capacity to perform against the high bar we set for ourselves at the start of the year. We have also created additional specific quarterly targets to reflect the expected phase of completion for major projects, and this is helping to sharpen our ongoing performance management process.

For the majority of the milestones, we will continue to move forward as planned toward our year-end targets. We are confident that some of the milestones that are marked "red" this quarter will convert to "green" by year end as part of the natural progression of plans that are in place to address them. As a result of delays in external approvals and hiring of project leads, completion timelines have required slight adjustments. The delay in completing these projects will not have a material effect on our overall progress toward KGH 2015 goals.

Progress like this is the result of the hard work and dedication of our many staff, physicians and volunteers. We are pleased with the progress people are making and proud of their determination to succeed. We are confident that together we will achieve our collective aim of Outstanding Care, Always. Our performance results are reported more fully in KGH This Quarter, We encourage you to read the report and send us any questions or comments you have.

For more detailed information, you can also access the KGH Master Performance Report where you can see how each of the indicators have trended over the past five quarters and what actions are being taken to improve our performance. Stay tuned, KGH is on the move!