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Bright and shiny, eye clinic at Hotel Dieu Hospital site re-opens after July fire

After a eight-week shutdown due to a fire in July, the Mary Alice 1 (MA-1) Emergency Eye Clinic at our Hotel Dieu Hospital site reopened today looking brighter than ever.  Even better, it weathered the temporary closure without cancelling a single patient.

Fire damage made it impossible to use the seven MA-1 exam lanes, which meant ramping up volumes—50 to 100 extra patients daily—in two already-busy clinics on Level 6 at the HDH site.

“Ophthalmology Program staff managed everything with grace and professionalism,” says Cindy Bolton, Program Operational Director, “and because of their hard work we didn’t have to cancel a single patient over the two months.”

Bringing the clinic back online involved completely tearing down, rebuilding and re-equipping the one exam lane where the fire started.  Water damage throughout the entire space called for weeks of construction and remediation work that included new flooring, drywall and painting.  

You can check out the damage, renovation and results on our KHSC Facebook page.

A true team effort

“This was truly a team effort, with plenty of hard work, assistance and cooperation,” says Bolton.

”As a program we thank Phil Kent and all the members of the Code Red remediation team from Biomedical Engineering, Environmental Services, Facilities, Infection Control, Information Management, Maintenance, Occupational Health, Risk Management and Security for their tireless work to get us back into MA 1 on schedule.

“We’re grateful, too, for our Information Desk Volunteers who patiently redirected patients every day of the eight-week renovation.”

Along with Dr. Martin ten Hove, Program Medical Director and Department Head for Ophthalmology, and Program Manager Marie Pitcher, Cindy also applauded the entire Ophthalmology clinical team for their success in rescheduling and supporting patients, especially on some pretty hot summer days when the Level 6 clinics were heavily booked.

“It’s a testament to their commitment and sense of mission that no patient missed an appointment and no one complained,” she says. 

“The team is very committed to a positive patient experience and couples that with a very can-do attitude. That really shone through in these last two months.”