Interprofessional Education Calendar

Part of our strategy to 'Transform care, Together' is our aim to bring new models of interprofessional care and education to life. Our goal is for KHSC to be recognized as a centre for excellence in interprofessional education. To help achieve our goal, KHSC in partnership with Queen’s University’s Faculty of Health Sciences have created this calendar of education events. Events on this calendar focus on broad topics that may be of interest to multiple people and are not specific teaching sessions for small groups. Most of the events are free to attend and all sessions are open to our staff, credentialed staff, learners, volunteers and patient experience advisors.  

If you have an event that you would like to include on the calendar, please email Barb Patterson or Heather Mackulin. Information should include event name or title, topic or objectives, location, link to further information, whether registration is required or rounds are accredited.