Student Learning and Placements

Requesting placements at Hotel Dieu Hospital and Kingston General Hospital sites

Kingston Health Sciences Centre  (KHSC) which includes both the Hotel Dieu Hospital and Kingston General Hospital sites, serves approximately 2700 learners every year. Students and learners turn to us for education and experience in everything from nursing to biomedical engineering, to midwifery to pastoral care. Some come for training as part of their diploma, degree or certification requirements, while others are established health care professionals who are advancing their skills.

While some students come to us from nearby schools such as Queen’s University and St. Lawrence College, we also place students from across the country. We accept students from community colleges, universities, independent accredited business schools/colleges, and other health care centres.

All non-paid student placements must be arranged through the office of the Student Affairs Coordinator.  Student placement inquiries must be made by the program coordinator of the learning institution/school/agency and submitted directly to Tanja Potter, Student Affairs Coordinator. Requests can be submitted via email to

The following information must be provided by the learning institution/school/agency at the time of the request:

  • School and Program name
  • School program coordinator name and contact information (including an email address)
  • Duration of placement (start and end date)
  • Placement objectives or outline

Please note that learning placements are for students registered within programs at an accredited Canadian learning institution/agency only. Unfortunately we are unable to provide learning placements for high school students at this time.

The Student Affairs Coordinator will contact the appropriate program managers at KHSC to determine if a placement can be accommodated for the student(s) at either the HDH or KGH sites.

Should a placement be confirmed and it is determined where the student(s) will be placed, Tanja will send the school’s program coordinator the preceptor name and contact information for each student. It will be the student’s responsibility to contact their preceptor directly to determine their placement start date, time, location, etc. Further information will be communicated to the school via the Student Affairs Office.


International Medical Student and Internship Requests

An international elective placement cannot exceed six months.

Please be advised that if you are seeking an undergraduate medical student elective experience you have to apply through the AFMC visiting student elective portal at Queen’s University. Information on the application process can be accessed here.

If you have completed medical school and have your medical degree and this is for a residency experience, please review the requirements here. 


Our preceptors

One of the most important people you’ll meet during your placement here is your preceptor, an experienced staff member who will work with you one-on-one for the duration of your placement to train and support you as you gain practical experience in your field of study.