During surgery

Kingston General Hospital site

While you are in surgery, your loved ones are welcome to wait in our waiting room, which is located in the Same Day Admission Centre on Connell 2. Using our SmarTrack system, they may also monitor your progress during your surgery.

There is a large screen in the waiting area that will display coded information that is updated as your surgery takes place. Your family will receive a card from the registration staff that will provide them with all the information they will need, as well as a colour coded legend so they understand how to use the system. The information is coded to protect your privacy so that only your family understands what it means. 

Using the following information they will be kept up to date at all times to know if you are waiting to go into surgery, in the operating room, if your surgery is complete and when you are in the recovery room. 

  • Patient identifier, includes:
    • First two letters of your last name
    • First two letters of your first name
  • Month and day of your birth
  • Surgeon’s name

Hotel Dieu Hospital site

Your loved ones can wait in our waiting room, which is located outside our Day Surgery Unit on the second floor of the Jeanne Mance wing. Your loved ones will be kept up to date on your progress by administrative staff.

Loved ones are encouraged to leave the hospital, if able, while you are in surgery, and will be notified when they are able to pick you up or visit if you are staying the night. If you will not be staying overnight following your surgery, it is best for your loved ones to pick you up at the main entrance on Brock Street. When you are ready to be picked up, a nurse will give your loved ones a call and transport you to the front entrance to meet them.