Resources for current volunteers

KHSC volunteer
Using a KHSC tablet and working closely with Infection Prevention & Control Practitioners, volunteers complete Hand Hygiene Audits.

Are you feeling unwell? 
Questioning if you should come in for a shift?

If you are feeling unwell please err on the side of caution and do not come in.  Log into Volgistics and remove yourself from your volunteer shift(s).  The following section provides instructions on how to do this. 
If you would like to review the current COVID-19 screening questions to confirm if you should come in for a shift, get tested, etc, please click here.

Accessing your profile and updating your schedule

If you are a current volunteer and would like to:

  • add or remove yourself from shifts
  • update your contact or profile information
  • confirm how many hours you have volunteered with KHSC
  • enter offsite volunteer hours you contribute (if applicable)
  • re-set your password

You can do all these things through our database, Volgistics, by clicking here. 
When the website opens it will ask for your Email (the one Volunteer Services communicates with you through) and your Password.
If you have never signed into Volgistics remotely before or you cannot remember your Password, you can choose “Password Reset”. Follow the instructions sent to your email to reset your Password.

If you would like more information on how to use all of the features above once you are in Volgistics please click here.

If you have difficulty accessing your schedule online and you need to report a one-time or short term absence contact Volunteer Services at 613-548-2359 #1 or click here to send an email.


To request a replacement ID badge click here.


To request reimbursement for expenses related to obtaining a police check and completing the KHSC medical form:

After three months of consistent service, you can submit an electronic or hard copy receipt (originals required) for expenses related to your application to become a KHSC volunteer (i.e., a police records check with the vulnerable sector search and the KHSC medical form). 

Please note: If there are financial barriers that prevent you from waiting three months for reimbursement, please contact Volunteer Services. We do not want a financial barrier to prevent someone from volunteering at KHSC. 



If required, Volunteer Services will provide paid parking or a bus pass for use during volunteer shifts. For volunteers at the KGH site, volunteers can receive a parking pass for the underground (Stuart St.) parking lot or a bus pass through the Secretary in Volunteer Services. For the HDH site, volunteers can request reimbursement for parking every 4 months or receive a bus pass.  There is also a KHSC Shuttle service which volunteers can utilize to go between sites.  To learn more about transportation/parking for KHSC volunteers click here.

If you are a HDH volunteer who would like to request reimbursement for parking, please click here for the reimbursement formClick here for the direct deposit form for your reimbursement.



As a valued member of the KHSC staff team, you are encouraged to participate in the staff discount program, the student bursary program, years of service recognition events, and other events offered throughout the year. Click here to see a list of discounts, wellness initiatives, and other recognition and perks for KHSC volunteers.  We encourage you to participate whether you are new to KHSC or a long­standing volunteer.



Many important policies are relevant to your role as a volunteer (e.g. dress code, scent free, confidentiality, use of electronic devices, code of conduct, etc).  If you have a question about a specific policy, please contact Volunteer Services or you can also review the appropriate eLearning modules on the Orientation section of this site. 


Dress Code

KHSC strives to provide a workplace environment where staff and volunteers feel comfortable and safe while dressed accordingly. Clothing must be in good condition, clean and appropriately fitted with I.D. badges properly placed at chest level on a KHSC uniform.

Although the guidelines allow for a wide range of apparel options, some clothing and accessories are more suitable than others for the work environment.