Rapid Access Clinics for Low Back Pain (RAC-LBP)

Formerly known as ISAEC, the RAC-LBP is a free, Ministry of Health initiative designed to help patients and Primary Care Providers (PCP’s) manage low back related pain.  Only PCP’s who are registered with RAC-LBP can refer and patients must meet the following criteria:

Inclusion criteria for RAC LBP program:

  • Patients with 6 weeks to 12 months of persistent lower back pain and/or related symptoms (e.g., sciatica, neurogenic claudication)


  • Patients with unmanageable recurrent episodic lower back pain and/or related symptoms of less than 12 months duration post-recurrence.

It is recommended for PCP’s to consider referral in the above-mentioned scenarios prior to imaging, specialist referral, or initiation of an opioid prescription (when possible).

Exclusion Criteria for RAC LBP program:

  • Patient with RED FLAGS
  • Initial low back related symptoms <6 weeks post onset
  • Constant/persistent LBP-related symptoms >12 months post onset
  • <18 years of age
  • Unmanaged established chronic multisite pain disorder
  • Unmanaged established narcotic dependency
  • Active LBP-related WSIB claim
  • Active LBP-related motor vehicle accident claim
  • Active LBP-related legal claim
  • Pregnant/post-partum patients (<1 year)

Registered PCP’s will be granted access to the referral form and fax number.

Appropriate patients will be assessed by an Advanced Practice Provider (APP) who is a physiotherapist or chiropractor with advanced training in management of lumbar related pain.  APP assessments are typically arranged within 4 weeks of receipt of referral.  APP’s will provide recommendations and a treatment plan for the patient.  When indicated, RAC-LBP can arrange for spinal imaging and referral to specialist.

Please see the RAC-LBP website for further info and to access the PCP onboarding module: https://www.lowbackrac.ca/

The South East (Kingston and area) central intake office contact information is 613-544-3400 x 2382 or @email.  Please note that the office is staffed 3 days/week so please allow 1-2 days for response.