Trauma Services

About Trauma Services at KGH

Kingston General Hospital is one of 11 lead trauma hospitals (LTH) in Ontario. We provide a high level of care for the severely injured patient. Regionalizing lead trauma hospitals across Ontario reduces trauma morbidity and mortality by decreasing the distance and time between the incident and high-level care.

As a LTH, we are responsible and accountable to our referring centres and our community to provide initial assessment and treatment (resuscitation and stabilization) on a 24-hour basis.

The LTHs are funded by the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care (MHLTC) to ensure 24 hours Trauma Team Leader (TTL) availability, program management, and data collection. Increases in volume are recognized through incremental case volume funding. All LTHs are acute care hospitals that have the expertise, technology, and facilities to provide the highest possible level of care to major trauma patients within their respective regions. Important components of acute trauma care at LTH include coordination with pre-hospital care, the provision of in-hospital treatment, and discharge from hospital to community rehabilitation.