Joint project provides new clinic services for newborns

News / Children’s Health

Kingston Health Sciences Centre (KHSC) and Community Midwives of Kingston are starting 2022 with a collaboration that translates into a brand new service for newborns and their parents in our community.

Launched earlier this month, the Well Newborn and Parent Clinic is geared to providing time-sensitive follow-up services for newborns and parents after discharge from hospital. Clinic services primarily include testing for jaundice, weight checks, breastfeeding support, screening for treatable diseases that usually show no symptoms in the newborn period and overall wellness check-ups. Parents can also be supported with postpartum recovery and support for infant feeding.

The clinic sees newborns who do not already have access to midwifery care, do not have a family physician or cannot obtain urgent access for time sensitive follow-up care.

Operated by a Registered Midwife seven days a week, the pilot clinic is located on Armstrong 5 at KHSC’s Kingston General Hospital site; appointments are booked on patient discharge from the hospital.

“The clinic is a venue to access critical newborn testing,” says Dr. Bob Connelly, Head of Pediatrics at KHSC and Queen’s University. “It’s an exciting opportunity to expand the midwifery footprint at KHSC while also freeing up inpatient and outpatient staffing capacity in other pediatric care areas. This is just the kind of partnership and innovation that we need to provide the best patient and family-centred care in our community.”

Patients who would like more information about the clinic can email