KGH partners with Kingston Transit

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By Peter Jeffrey

New routes, park & rides and express service

You may have noticed the stylish new bus stops that Kingston Transit put up on Stuart Street recently. They are part of a bigger plan to get more people riding the bus to and from Kingston General Hospital.

To get things rolling next month, the company is launching a new Kingston Express service that will stop out front seven days a week, starting on September 3. This service will feature two brand new routes, the Kingston Express 501 and 502. Both routes start and end at the Cataraqui Centre after doing a loop of the city. The 502 runs down the west side of Kingston to KGH, travelling along Bayridge Drive, Days Road and then along Front and King Street to the Stuart Street stop. It then continues on to the downtown and goes back to the Cataraqui Centre along Princess Street. The 501 follows essentially the same route, just in the opposite direction. It starts off heading to the east along Princess Street to the downtown and then to KGH before heading west back to the mall.

"As we all know, parking is an issue around KGH. These two new routes will make it easier and faster for staff and other visitors to get here aboard public transit," says Stephanie Abrams, acting Lead Recruitment Advisor in our People Services and Organizational Effectiveness department. "It's also a green way to travel as one bus load equals almost 40 cars on the road."

Both express routes will have buses setting off for KGH every 15 minutes, or less during peak times, and every 30 minutes during off-peak times. The 501 is promising to make the journey from the Cataraqui Centre to KGH in 29 minutes; the 502 in 25 minutes.

Both express routes will also be making stops at new Park & Ride lots, where riders can park thier vehicle for free in designated spots, and then jump on the bus. One of the new lots is at the Centre 70 Arena at the corner of Days and Front Roads, and the other is at the Kingston Gospel Temple on Princess Street and Andersen Drive, just across from the RONA. These are in addition to Park and Ride lots at Montreal Street and the 401, and at the Invista Centre on Gardiners Road that connect to other bus routes around the city.

Kingston Transit is also changing some of its other routes in town and making other investments to encourage more people to get on board with public transit.

Kingston Transit also has a Trip Planner on its website that will help you figure out the best bus to catch to your destination. It also calculates how long the entire trip will take, including your walking time to the stops.

To learn more about the Kingston Transit service, its new and revised routes and the Transpass program, visit the transit website directly at