New wayfinding signs now being installed around KGH

News / General
By John Pereira

One of the most important parts of KGH’s Wayfinding project is rolling out this week – the actual interior signage. A crew from WSI Sign Systems Ltd., are making their way across the hospital putting up the interior signage that will help direct patients and families through our many wings of the hospital.

Signs will first start going up on levels 0 and 1 in the Armstrong Wing, with the crew then making their way to Kidd/Davies, Watkins, Douglas, Dietary, Victory before finishing with Burr and Connell. The majority of the work is expected to take just over a week to complete. The installers will be special equipment which will reduce any dust created by drilling.

“Everyone has seen the new paint colours on the walls around the hospital, but these signs will really begin to tie the project together,” says project lead Erin Eardley. “The colours, in coordination with wing names and symbols will dramatically impact the patient experience at KGH. The building will be far easier to navigate.”

As part of the project, each wing in the hospital will be identified by the wing name along with a unique colour and symbol. The colours and symbols were selected by our Wayfinding consultant along with many focus groups involving over 100 staff and Patient Experience Advisors.

“We’re already hearing from patients and families that building is looking better and it’s easier for them to find their way around. We are excited and looking forward to this next step,” says Eardley.

At the end of this phase, a team of staff and patient experience advisors will be brought together to review the work that’s been completed and make any adjustments that are required. Interior Wayfinding will then be rolled out to the rest of the hospital (levels 2-10) in the 2015-2016 fiscal year.