Nutrition Services unveils new look and technology for staff on inpatient floors

News / Patient Care
By Peter Jeffrey

New uniforms and new tablets helping staff and patients

The Nutrition Services department at Kingston General Hospital is adding a few new ingredients into its customer service model. Its staff on our inpatient floors are sporting an all-new look while also using some new hand-held technology.

The department recently purchased all of its Nutrition Assistants new uniforms that are more in keeping with the traditional look of the food service industry. Rather than a set of scrubs, staff are now wearing a uniform that features black pants, a black apron showing the "Steamplicity" logo on the front, and a white shirt that has the department name embroidered on the sleeve.

"Already, we've been getting good feedback from our patients on the new uniform," says Sheri Campbell, Director of Nutrition Services. "They say it's professional looking and also helps them recognize that itís someone from Nutrition Services who is coming into their room."

Along with the uniform, the department has teamed up with the Information Management team to roll out new hand-held tablets for every inpatient floor. Nutrition Assistants are now using them to take all of their patients' meal orders.

The new tablets replace a set of devices that recently became obsolete. Along with a bigger and more user-friendly touch screen, the tablets are also using a newer version of software that talks to our Patient Care System (PCS) software.

This electronic connection helps the Nutrition Assistant work with the patient to build a tasty and healthy meal.

"When I enter a room, I first look up the patient's name and the program automatically alerts me to any dietary restrictions they may have," says Melissa Sauve, Nutrition Assistant. "If they are on a special diet, the program then gives the patient a range of alternate choices for things they want to eat. If they are a diabetic for example, it would list something like sugar-free chocolate pudding as a good option."

On the topic of food options, Nutrition Services is aiming to keep its Steamplicity menu fresh by replacing some of the least popular menu choices with new options. Several dishes are now in development and will likely be made available across the hospital later this fall.