Patient-care award home and ready to tour KGH

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By Matthew Manor

Two weeks after NRC Picker selected Kingston General Hospital as the winner of its prestigious Innovative Best Practices Award 2012 for Canada, the hardware is now home at our hospital.

CEO Leslee Thompson accepted it personally on behalf of everyone in the KGH community at an international symposium in Chicago last week. "It was a huge surprise to win this award," says Daryl Bell, lead of our Patient and Family Centred Care initiative. "Just like the accreditation process, it's an incredible feeling to have an outside organization study what you are doing and conclude that you are making a huge difference." NRC Picker says KGH won the first-ever Canadian version of the award for our patient and family-centred care initiative and our Interprofessional Collaborative Practice Model (ICPM). "Everyone at KGH shares in this award," says Patient Experience Advisor Marla Rosen. "It highlights the passion of partnership that exists between KGH and its patients." For the next few weeks, the award will be travelling from floor to floor to give everyone a chance to see and talk about it. After that it will have a permanent home in the Patient Experience Advisor office at KGH.