Planning next phase of redevelopment begins

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By Matthew Manor

Now that the first phase of our redevelopment project is almost complete, it's time to begin planning for the next big project, Phase 2.

The province has given KGH the green light to start the process of planning for the proposed construction job. Planners are now at our hospital to look for ways to create new operating rooms, a new neonatal intensive care unit, labour and delivery suites and new laboratories.

But there is still a ways to go before any shovels can be planted in the ground. KGH still has to develop a business case and meet other requirements for the province before it agrees to fund the huge job.

As for Phase 1, it's on time and on budget and is now 99.6 per cent complete. The final touches are now being put on the Burr wing and an official opening event for the new cancer centre is being planned for the coming months.

The new lobby for the Burr wing.