KHSC Orientation

The next step in your onboarding experience is to complete the two (2) components of our KHSC corporate orientation:

Together, these components will ensure that you have the foundational knowledge and skills required to begin. To learn more about the two components and the tasks that will be required of you throughout each, please click the links above.


Virtual New Employee Welcome

Hosted by Leadership & Talent Development, this 4 hour introduction is designed to give you a strong understanding of KHSC’s culture, policies, and practices. You will have the opportunity to hear from experts across the organization as they share their knowledge surrounding topics like KHSC’s Mission, vision, and values; KHSC’s safety culture; and current infection prevention measures being taken to keep patients, visitors, and staff safe. To see a full list of the subjects covered during this welcome, please click here.

Due to current concerns regarding social distancing and COVID-19, KHSC has made the decision to bring this introduction to its new employees virtually, using Microsoft Teams. As a new employee, you will automatically be enrolled into Microsoft Teams. To familiarize yourself with how to use Microsoft Teams, please review the documents below:

In order to attend the Virtual NEW, please complete the steps below:

  1. Read all documents and complete all tasks outlined in the New Employee Checklist
  2. Review documents concerning Microsoft Teams
  3. Read all emails and documents sent to you by your host
  4. Ensure that you have Multifactor Authenticator installed on your personal device*
  5. Confirm your location for attendance with your Recruitment advisor and manager

*Only required if you will be attending from home; however, it is recommended to all employees.


Support and Assistance for the New Employee Welcome:

As a new employee, you will likely have an abundance of questions as you start your new role at KHSC. These questions may have to do with your benefits, payroll, schedule, or even the more technical aspects of your role. Some of these questions may be addressed in the Employee Resources tab of this webpage; however, we encourage you to bring this curiosity to all of your orientation experiences.

The Virtual NEW especially, is an excellent platform for these questions as many of your peers may also have similar questions, and support will be provided for employees from a variety of different groups throughout the day:

  • Your Recruitment advisor will arrange the date and location that you will be required to attend the NEW. Questions regarding your employment or how to arrange attendance to NEW should be directed to your Recruitment advisor or your manager.
  • Our IT department has arranged all of your access and temporary passwords to the different applications that you will need to use throughout your employment. Any questions regarding logging in and accessing any of your KHSC programs should be directed to the KHSC Help Desk at extension 4357.
  • A Leadership & Talent Development advisor will send you invitations for the Virtual NEW and offer you information that will be useful for you as you begin your career at KHSC. Any questions regarding the Virtual NEW and the information that you learn there can be directed to Leadership and Talent Development.
  • A variety of presenters will attend to share their expertise with you. Questions regarding KHSC’s culture, policies, and practices can be discussed during these presentations.


Tasks to complete during the Virtual New Employee Welcome

  1. Join the meeting sent to you in the Virtual New Employee Welcome Invitation.
  2. Ensure that your audio and video are turned on so you can take full advantage of the day’s activities. Please only mute your mic if a presenter is speaking.
  3. Ensure that your full attention is given to the different presentations and activities (i.e. do not complete non-orientation-related tasks).
  4. Participate and engage in all discussions and activities.
  5. Attend your Union Representative meeting if you are a part of the CUPE, ONA, and OPSEU unions.
  6. Complete and submit your KHSCNow Scavenger Hunt to your host. Please do not spend more than 20 minutes on this task.


Mandatory Employee Training

On your first day of work you will be assigned a series of mandatory eLearning courses to your My Learning tab on KnowledgeNow. Some of these courses will be about skills directly related to your role, while others will be more general discussions about the legislation, policies, and practices that you need to uphold while working at KHSC.

We have created a priority list of the core courses that you must complete on your first day of work/at time of hire:

  1. Accessibility Training
  2. Annual Emergency Codes Review – Code Red, Green, & Orange
  3. Health and Safety Awareness Training
  4. WHMIS
  5. Annual Privacy and ConnectingOntario Review for KHSC Staff
  6. French Language Services Act

In total these six (6) courses will take you approximately 3 hours to complete. If your first day is the same day as the Virtual New Employee Welcome, you will be scheduled time to complete these courses. If your first day of work is not on the same day, please ensure that you make arrangements with your manager to have time to complete this training.  

Beyond the 6 courses listed above, there are additional core courses that you should look to complete as soon as possible. Please click here to learn the priority order for the KHSC Core Mandatory Training Courses.


What is KnowledgeNow?

KnowledgeNow is KHSC’s Learning Management System. It houses courses that range in topics from WHMIS to Medical Directives to Microsoft Office tutorials. To familiarize yourself with how to use KnowledgeNow, please review the document below:

How to Log in to KnowledgeNow

If you have any issues logging in or accessing one of your courses, please reach out to @email


How to Attend KHSC Orientation from Home

If you and your manager have confirmed with your recruitment advisor that you will be attending from home or a remote space that is not connected to KHSC’s network, you will need to ensure that you are able to access KHSC’s programs.

In order to do this you will need to download Microsoft Authenticator to your personal device and register it to your individual KHSC ID. For a step-by-step guide to this process, please review the following document:

How to Log-in from Home

If you have any issues completing this process, please contact the KHSC Help Desk at extension 613-549-6666 x4357.

Additionally, there are a few pieces of etiquette that we would like to remind employees of if they are attending remotely:

  1. Please ensure that you and your environment are presented in a professional manner (i.e. ensure that you are dressed appropriately for work and that the objects that are within view are not inappropriate for the work environment).
  2. Turn your camera on so everyone can see and meet you.
  3. Ensure your microphone is set to mute when not speaking.