Types of care

The Cancer Centre of Southeastern Ontario is home to a full range of cancer care services.

You can use this section to find information about the services you may encounter during your diagnosis and treatment for cancer.

Each page in this section includes helpful information about where to register for your appointment, what will happen at your appointment, and who to contact if you have questions or concerns. You can learn more about:

Support for Indigenous peoples with cancer

You will be supported from an Indigenous perspective by someone of Indigenous ancestry. It's your cancer journey, guided by you with support to address the health of your spirit, your mind, your emotion and your body. For more information, click here


Cancer can be treated with different types of drugs, including chemotherapy, hormonal therapy, immunotherapy and targeted therapy and supportive drug therapy. Each drug works in a different way to treat cancer. To learn more click here.

Support for Children with cancer

When a child is diagnosed with cancer it marks the beginning of a difficult journey. Our Pediatric Oncology team will work with you and your family to focus on your needs and to support you through this experience. To learn more click here.

Clinic appointments

A clinic appointment is any appointment that brings you to the Cancer Centre and does not require an overnight stay in the hospital. 

Clinical Trials

Clinical trials test new ways to prevent, diagnose, treat or manage cancer. Participation in clinical trials is completely voluntary. To read more click here.


The program offers support to you and your family if you are at risk to develop cancer based on your genetic or family traits. Cancer genetics can help you understand your risk for cancer, get cancer screening, or access care from cancer specialists. For more information click here

Managing symptoms and other concerns

Symptoms describe how you are feeling and you should complete a symptom assessment questionnaire before every clinic appointment. For more information on how to manage your symptoms, click here

Radiation therapy

Radiation therapy uses radiation or radioactive substances to damage and kill cancer cells. To learn more about radiation therapy at KGH, click here

Stem cell transplants

The Stem Cell Transplant Program at KGH performs autologous stem cell transplants to treat certain types of cancer. An autologous transplant is done using stem cells that have been taken from your own body. For more information, click here


Cancer surgery may be your only treatment, or it may be supplemented with other treatments, such as radiation or chemotherapy. Generally, it's main goal is to remove the cancer entirely from your body. For more information about surgery, and how to prepare for a surgery, click here

Surgery - Breast Reconstruction

A breast cancer diagnosis can be a life-changing experience. Kingston General Hospital (KGH) and Hotel Dieu Hospital (HDH) provide support to patients through a more comprehensive breast reconstruction program that connects patients with a breast reconstruction surgeon sooner than ever before. For more information, click here

Tests to support cancer care

There are many types of tests and procedures used to check for cancer or diagnose cancer. Tests and procedures are also used to monitor your health and how your cancer is responding to treatment. For more information, click here.