Children with cancer

Cancer in children is rare, and we know that if you find out that your child has cancer, it is the beginning of a very difficult time for your family. The Pediatric Oncology team will work with you and your family to focus on your needs and to support you through this experience. We call this our patient and family centred approach. We'll help you and your child cope with the changes that are taking place in their life. Our multidisciplinary team includes health-care professionals from a number of backgrounds with a wide range of training. Our teams also include a parent representative. This representative helps make sure we are constantly focused on how our program can best meet the needs of our patients and families. If you would like to speak to our parent representative, please ask a member of the care team to connect you with them. Children who require outpatient care at KGH will be cared for through our Pediatric Oncology clinic located on level one of the Cancer Centre. Children who require inpatient care at KGH will likely be admitted to the Pediatrics Unit on the tenth floor of the hospital's Kidd wing.

Supplementary Contact Information

Community Liaison Nurse can be reached at 613-549-6666 extension 3832 Social Worker can be reached at 613-549-6666 extension 4728