Getting my images and reports

KHSC is pleased to offer a new electronic image sharing system called PocketHealth Patient Sharing. This platform allows patients to access their imaging records anytime they need, to share with anyone they want through a simple online experience that eliminates the need for CD’s.

  • Imaging Records & Reports are stored permanently and are accessible to you at any time, from any device
  • Records can be shared online with any doctor instantly in full diagnostic quality
  • Strong privacy and encryption protocols keep your medical information as secure as your banking information
If you are already registered for PocketHealth or would like to learn more about his service, please click here

Image Archive

KHSC's Picture and Archive Communications System (PACS) is the computer storage system used by the Imaging department to store all of the images from procedures as well as the information associated with those images.  

Whether your imaging exam was a typical X-ray or something more complicated like a C.T. scan, M.R.I. or ultrasound, all of the images are electronically stored on a very  large computer network. We may refer back to these images at a later date to do followup examination comparisons or for other medical reasons.

Where do my images go?

Archived images can be retrieved by your doctor as long as the doctor is linked with KHSC. Your doctor may access your images for a number of reasons, for example, they could want to do analysis or measurements on the image, or they may want to review them with you.

The PACS network in Kingston links all local hospitals in the Eastern Ontario region and allows the hospitals to share the images for referral and follow-up purposes. In many cases, this may prevent you from having another examination at another hospital. 

If a you need to take your images back to a doctor or specialist outside the Kingston area, we can also record your images onto a CD for the doctor or specialist to view.  This also may prevent you from having to undergo another imaging examination in another city.  This is one way of ensuring that KHSC reduces the number of exams our patients must undergo.


Regional PACS networks are in place in a number of locations in each province.  In Ontario, we have several “regions” linked together with regional PACS networks, where hospitals and clinics can share the electronic/digital archiving and retrieval of patient imaging examination records. If you need to have your images shared with another hospital or physician outside of our region, or out-of-province, please ask a member of the Diagnostic Imaging department for more information on how this may be done.