Art donation helping brighten the view

News / Patient Care
By Peter Jeffrey

Painted ceiling tiles now up in several patient care areas

When receiving treatment at Kingston General Hospital, there are times when a patient can spend a lot of time staring up at the ceiling. Now, thanks to a new art donation, patients in several areas of the hospital will now have something more interesting to look at overhead.

Artist Donna Scanlan recently donated 18 ceiling tiles she hand-painted to KGH. Nine of them are now in place in the pediatrics department on Kidd 10 and another nine have been installed in clinic settings on Burr 0.

"I was inspired to create these ceiling tiles eight years ago while receiving cancer treatments here at KGH," says Scanlan. "I spent a lot of time gazing at those blank tiles and I saw an opportunity to put my skills as an artist to use by creating something that would ease people's minds and give them a reason to look up."

In the pediatrics unit, the new tiles feature colourful scenes and familiar characters such as an owl, toucan, penguins. Eight of the tiles were installed in the big and bright patient and family playroom on the unit, while the other tile is hanging above a bed in a nearby treatment room.

"Everyone is thrilled when they see these pieces of art. They are just perfect for our environment as they definitely help comfort our young patients and their families during a stressful time," says Kerri-Lee Bisonette, Pediatrics Program Manager.

Meanwhile over in the Burr wing, the painted tiles are playing a similar role for some of our adult patients, by featuring images of butterflies, hummingbirds and various nature scenes.

"Donna's work provides a window into nature and to other locations outside of KGH. It takes us to places that we are familiar with or yearn to go. They are cheerful and light filled and provide inspiration and hope and help with healing," says Jill Holland-Reilly, Director of Volunteer Services and Corporate Accessibility.

KGH isn't the only hospital to benefit from Scanlan's artistic vision and generosity. She has also donated painted tiles to several other hospitals across our region, including Hotel Dieu Hospital, Perth, Carleton Place and Smith Falls. And her work to help beautify KGH isn't done. She now has another group of painted ceiling tiles ready to go and they will soon be installed in another area where patients spend a lot of time receiving treatment - our renal unit on Burr 3.

To learn more about Scanlan's work and to view some samples of her tiles, visit