Generous volunteer donation supports patients across clinical areas at HDH site

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By Anne Rutherford

Pediatric, ear/nose/throat and gastroenterology patients are among those who will benefit from the generosity of KHSC Volunteer Services to Hotel Dieu Hospital (HDH) Site thanks to a generous $73,934 donation presented by the organization to the University Hospitals Kingston Foundation on August 17.

The funds will support the purchase of a range of patient care equipment at the HDH site of Kingston Health Sciences Centre including:

  • a Bravo 96hr pH System, wireless capsule/recorder/software technology that helps gastrointestinal specialists measure how much stomach acid is refluxed up into a patient’s esophagus
  • a Flexible Rhino Laryngoscope, which helps Ear Nose & Throat specialists visualize the nose, pharynx and larynx
  • four syringe pumps, used to deliver medications to the patient, for the Pediatrics Program
  • one patient lift to support the emergency equipment fund at the HDH site
  • two procedure lights for the ambulatory clinics at the HDH site.

“We’re proud to support excellent patient care at the HDH site,” says Beth Cade, President of KHSC Volunteer Services to Hotel Dieu Hospital Site, which has generously chosen the HDH site as the exclusive benefactor of their fundraising efforts.

“As always, we’re pleased to contribute in ways that are meaningful for patients.  We believe that every bit helps patients to receive care that can have a significant impact on quality of life.”

Many of the members of the volunteer organization are retired healthcare providers with a proud history of service to the HDH site and to the mission of the founding Religious Hospitallers of Saint Joseph. The volunteers successfully maintain businesses within the hospital that benefit the hospital patients and staff, in addition to volunteer staffing in information and patient support roles.

To date, the dedicated, mission-driven volunteers have donated more than $3 million to help purchase patient care equipment at the HDH site.