George Street now open

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By John Pereira

The new street scape features new sidewalks and asphalt

After several months of construction, George Street is now open. Construction crews finished the difficult work of excavation and laying new sewers and now the street is open to pedestrians and traffic.

“This project has gone so smoothly thanks to a great partnership between Taggart Construction, the City of Kingston, Queen’s University and KGH,” says Rocky Prosser, Director of Protection Services. “We are also very thankful to staff across the hospital as well as patients and families who have been so accommodating in dealing with water shutdowns, road closures, construction noise and the general disruption that a project like this causes.”

While the project was undertaken by the City, it will have several positive aspects for the hospital in the future. By separating storm and sanitary sewers, KGH will be at a lower risk of flooding during heavy rainfalls. The project also leaves behind new smooth road surfaces and even sidewalks that will benefit our patients. Once winter is over crews will be returning in the spring of 2015 to complete similar reconstruction work on Arch Street, Okill Street and Stuart Street between Arch Street and Lower University Avenue.

“KGH teams will continue to plan over the winter so that the next phase of construction has as little impact on, staff, patients and families as possible,” says Prosser. “As spring time approaches, we will be sharing more information so that the KGH community is well prepared.”