With temperatures rising over the next few days, and a severe heat warning now in place, KHSC has put into place its extreme heat protocol to help protect vulnerable populations.

The protocol is triggered when a heat warning is put in place in the community. In these circumstances, the main lobbies at the HDH site and the KGH site will serve as safe spaces for the vulnerably housed to cool down during regular daytime hours. 

In addition, given its proximity to the downtown core, KHSC’s Spiritual Health team will round more frequently in the main lobby spaces to offer support to those that may require it.

KHSC staff are encouraged to direct those at risk to seek temporary relief from the heat in the lobby. Protection Services is aware that this space may be used by the public for cooling and will not ask people to leave during daytime hours unless there is a specific security concern or disturbance.

To learn more about the heat warning and what you can do to avoid heat related illness visit KFL&A Public Health.