Inaugural Board of Directors appointed for KHSC

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By John Pereira

Twelve positions now filled on board that will govern the new hospital

The integration between Hotel Dieu Hospital (HDH) and Kingston General Hospital (KGH) to create the new Kingston Health Sciences Centre (KHSC) has just taken another big step forward. The people who will sit on the KHSC’s inaugural Board of Directors to govern the new health sciences centre have now been selected.

The new Board will be made up of twelve volunteer members. Four of the appointees are from the current KGH Board of Directors, four appointees are from the current HDH Board of Directors, and four appointees were chosen from people who applied to the position following a call for applicants from across Southeastern Ontario.

“We are tremendously fortunate to have such experienced and qualified individuals volunteering their time and commitment to be part of the first board for the new Kingston Health Sciences Centre,” says current KGH Board Chair George Thomson. “They will be helping guide the important work involved in bringing our new hospital organization to life while ensuring patients, families and staff at both hospital sites experience the many benefits our integration will bring.”

The members of the new board will be:

Current HDH board members

  • J.A. (Sandy) Wilson
  • Alan Cosford
  • Sherri McCullough
  • David Pattenden

Current KGH board members

  • David O’Toole
  • Axel Thesberg
  • Glenn Vollebregt
  • Peng-Sang Cau

Individuals selected from community applicants

  • Kirk Corkery
  • Bruce Lounsbury
  • Brenda Hunter
  • Michele Lawford

Pending approval at the board’s first meeting in late March, David O’Toole has been chosen to serve as the inaugural Chair of the Board and Kirk Corkery will serve as Vice Chair of the Board.

The chairs of each Board committee have also been selected, pending approval. Glenn Vollebregt will chair the Governance Committee, Sherri McCullough will chair the Patient Care, Quality and People Committee, Axel Thesberg will chair the Finance and Audit Committee and Sandy Wilson will chair the Redevelopment Committee which will be a sub-committee of the Finance and Audit Committee.

Along with the twelve voting members, the Board will also include four ex-officio non-voting members. They include President and CEO Dr. David Pichora, Chief of Staff Dr. Michael Fitzpatrick, Chief Nursing Executive Silvie Crawford, President of the Medical Staff Association Dr. Jay Engel. The Dean of Health Sciences at Queen’s University Dr. Richard Reznick (as delegate for Queen’s University Principal Daniel Woolf) will serve as an ex-officio voting member.

The integration of HDH and KGH will be completed at the end of the day on March 31, 2017, at which time the new KHSC will begin to operate as a public hospital with control over the KGH and HDH sites.

Also on April 1, the new KHSC executive team will officially begin its work leading the operations of the new hospital. The new executive team is made up of the following members:

  • Dr. David Pichora, President & CEO
  • Silvie Crawford, Executive VP and Chief Nursing Executive
  • Mike McDonald, Executive VP of Ambulatory Services
  • Troy Jones, Executive VP and Chief Information Officer
  • Dr. Michael Fitzpatrick, Chief of Staff and VP of Medical Affairs
  • Brenda Carter, Regional VP Cancer Care and VP, Performance and Quality
  • Elizabeth Bardon, VP, Missions and Communications
  • Sandra Carlton, VP and Chief Human Resources Officer for KHSC and Providence Care
  • J’Neene Coghlan, VP and Chief Financial Officer
  • Dr. Roger Deeley, VP of Research

In addition, Steve Miller will serve as Corporate Development and Transition Lead to support ongoing integration activities over the next two years and Denise Cumming will serve as an ex-officio member of the executive team in her role as President and CEO of University Hospitals Kingston Foundation.

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