KGH emergency ramp getting repairs

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By Lisa Callahan

Project will fix cracked and leaking pavement

The KGH Emergency Department ramp on King Street W. is in need of a little TLC. This long-standing infrastructure project is moving ahead thanks to funds made available through the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care’s Health Infrastructure Renewal Fund.

“The top of the ramp is in poor condition and the heating system under the emergency ramp that melts snow and clears ice buildup is not working,” said Alan Hughes, Planning Office Project Coordinator.

The asphalt on the ramp has also deteriorated allowing water, salt and sand to seep in.  

“We’re glad to see this project move forward. It will provide a safer environment for all the traffic that the Emergency Department sees each day,” said Gary Greene, Manager of Plant Operations & Maintenance.

The amount of work required to complete this project means that the ramp will be closed from Monday, Sept. 28 to Friday, Oct. 30. During this month, all emergency traffic will be redirected through the Armstrong 1 entrance, including all ambulance arrivals.

“Planning is underway to ensure that patients and staff experience minimal disruption or impact during the ramp closure. The only notable change should be the point of entry to the Emergency Department,” says Julie Caffin, Program Director, Emergency, Cardiac and Critical Care. “Extra staff will be on hand 24 hours seven days a week to ensure patients and their families are provided with direction into and out of the Emergency Department,” she says.

Patient safety is obviously the most important consideration and the plan includes additional security, porters and volunteer resources at the Armstrong wing entrance to assist with the flow of traffic and ensure that patients have clear access to the ED. All patients will still be triaged once they arrive in the ED.

As part of the plan, Lower University Avenue will become a one-way street reserved for emergency vehicles, running north from King Street W. up to Stuart Street. Signs will be in place to let the community know about this traffic flow change and signs are also now up in front of the Emergency ramp to let people know it will be closing soon.

For more information and frequent updates, including a map of the area, visit our ED ramp closure page