KGH This Year 2012-2013

News / General
By Leslee Thompson

Four years ago, we started a journey to transform the patient and family experience at our hospital. Our KGH 2015 strategy articulates a future that is bold, progressive and, dare we say, achievable – a future where KGH is standing out as a top performer and making Outstanding Care, Always a reality for every patient, every day. While this journey will never be complete, we continue to take steady steps toward our aim.

Today, there is a lot to be proud of at KGH. This is our fourth consecutive year of solid improvement. We’ve embraced the principles of continuous improvement and people across the organization are driving change more rapidly and effectively.

This year, we’re pleased to report that we achieved 88 per cent of our annual corporate plan milestones. At the same time, we continued to deliver all the core responsibilities of a highly complex organization in a challenging health-care environment. We are even being recognized for achieving unprecedented levels of excellence in relation to our peers, earning seven major awards that reinforce our progress against on our strategy. We’re particularly proud to have earned Accreditation with Exemplary Standing from Accreditation Canada, achieving 98.9 per cent of 2,000 standards.

In this report, we have chosen to highlight examples of our progress and accomplishments in some key dimensions of our strategy, including our focus on partnering with patients and families, eliminating preventable harm to patients and staff, and eliminating preventable delays in the journey to, within and from KGH. In fact, we’ve chosen to illustrate our progress through the lens of the patient journey because, together with our patients and families, that is the lens through which we plan and undertake all quality, safety and service improvement initiatives in our organization.

Financially, our ability to balance the budget again while allocating $15 million to capital equipment, technology and infrastructure has allowed us to improve patient and staff safety as well as the quality of work life at KGH. This is a monumental achievement, given that we started with $3 million for capital and a $24 million operating deficit four years ago.

To keep up the momentum of change and continuously deliver results in the face of challenging circumstances takes strong leadership at every level. We have another ambitious set of targets to achieve in this year’s annual corporate plan and we are confident that we will continue to move forward. We are well positioned for the future, but also aware of the amount of sheer hard work it takes to keep our hospital running while moving it forward at the same time.

We have the privilege of presenting impressive results this year and that’s due to the more than 7,000 people standing with us – our patient experience advisors, staff, physicians, volunteers, learners and donors – who have made our achievements possible. We are deeply grateful for their efforts and we look forward to continuing our journey together as we work toward our collective aim of Outstanding Care, Always.

Download our full report [PDF].