Main entrance changes to improve driveway traffic flow

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By John Pereira

Hospital will be easier to access for patients and families

If you spend much time around the main entrance to the hospital, you know it’s a very busy place. Between all of the patients and families coming and going and vehicles dropping people off and picking them up, it can be a difficult area to navigate.

That’s why later this month Kingston General Hospital will be changing traffic flow patterns outside of the main entrance. All vehicles will be required to access the entrance using the west laneway (closest to Lower University Ave.) and then exit via the east laneway (next to Etherington Hall).

“We will just be finished fixing up and paving this area, so we thought it would be an ideal time to improve the traffic flow as well,” says Rocky Prosser, Director of Protection Services. “This is being done in part to make the area easier to get around, but the most important aspect of this is that it will improve pedestrian safety.”

Previously, vehicles had been able to access the hospital using both east and west laneways and pedestrians had to watch out for oncoming traffic in both directions.

“We hope this change will make it easier for pedestrians to access the main entrance, as all traffic will now flow in one clear direction and we will also have space to add a new sidewalk,” says Prosser.

KGH will trial this new traffic flow pattern for several months and monitor the area to make sure traffic continues to move smoothly. A staff member from the Protection Services Department will be on hand for the first week to ensure that vehicles that are dropping off and picking up patients will not park and cause a bottle-neck.

New signage will also be installed next to Stuart Street so that it is clear where vehicles can enter.