New technology ensures patients receive state-of-the-art breast care

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By Meaghan Quinn

A new breast biopsy table helps provide better accuracy, shorter procedures and improved patient comfort

A new prone breast biopsy table has been recently installed at Breast Imaging Kingston (BIK) that helps provide better accuracy, shorter procedures and improved patient comfort for those receiving a breast mammography and biopsy.

Known as the Hologic Affirm Prone Biopsy System, patients lay on their stomach and their breast is placed through a hole in the table and the technology for imaging and a biopsy is placed underneath the table, away from the view of the patient.  Part of this technology also includes a new Brevera breast biopsy system which automates the biopsy procedure and ensures that the samples are always accurate and viable and completed much more quickly than a traditional biopsy.

“Before, our patients would have to sit and watch as their breast is compressed for a mammography and would have direct line of sight on the biopsy procedure”, says Lori Silva, charge technologist at BIK. “We can now offer more compassionate care for patients by having them be in a more comfortable position and remove the stress and anxiety around having a biopsy as they don’t see the procedure as it all happens under the table.”

This new technology also means that a patient appointment now only takes 15 to 20 minutes, as opposed to a typical 30 minute time slot using more traditional approaches.

For staff, this new technology is also exciting news.

“With this new technology we know our biopsy samples are very accurate and that we’ve done our best and that in turn our patients are going to have a better outcome because of it,” says Silva.

“The patients we see are here because of a possible breast cancer diagnosis so we’re always thinking about how we can help them have the best care experience, the best diagnosis and best outcomes and getting them into the system and off to the surgeon with no delay is critical to making that happen – knowing that we’re getting the optimal sample every time means we are doing that.”

BIK is only one of a select few facilities within Ontario that has this technology in place and this investment complements the state-of-the-art facility which is transforming breast health in Southeastern Ontario.

“We’re working towards having BIK be a one-stop shop where you can have your mammogram, diagnostics and biopsy all done in one day and this is definitely a step in the right direction,” says Terri Swain Collins, program manager for Diagnostic Imaging. “It’s great to know that we’re providing the best care that we can, that we have the best equipment out there and that we’re able to give our patients the quickest and most positive experience they can have in the most efficient way possible.”

The purchase of new equipment at Breast Imaging Kingston was made possible through generous donations to University Hospitals Kingston Foundation