Smoking shelters to be part of new KGH smoking policy

News / General
By Peter Jeffrey

Kingston Geneeral Hospital has passed a new smoking policy and it contains changes everyone should know about. Starting on Monday, Oct. 1, smoking will be prohibited in or on all KGH owned and operated premises and facilities. But it will be permitted in 'designated smoking shelters' around the hospital.

These designated smoking shelters adhere to the requirements of the Smoke Free Ontario Act and are located by the main lobby doors on Stuart St., the Burr wing entrance on George St., and the Connell wing doors on King St. W. The new policy aims to:

  • Protect the health of the KGH Community from environmental tobacco smoke (ETS).
  • Ensure a safe, healthy and clean work environment for all patients, clients, staff, visitors, students and volunteers.
  • Eliminate exposure of non-smokers to second-hand smoke in or on hospital property or hospitals vehicles.
  • Focus on smoking cessation through the implementation of a tobacco dependence treatment programs for patients and staff.

"As a healthcare organization we have a goal to work towards becoming a smoke-free environment," says Jim Flett, Chief Operating Officer. "This new smoking policy, combined with our smoking cessation programs, help to move us toward that goal while addressing current realities for smokers and non-smokers."

KGH supports patients who are smokers by offering smoking cessation support through the Ottawa Model for Smoking Cessation (OMSC). This model includes nicotine replacement therapy (NRT), pharmacotherapy strategies, if required and deemed appropriate, smoking cessation counselling, a Your Quit Smoking Plan booklet and with consent, a referral to automated telephone support with the Ottawa Heart Institute Smoking Cessation Program or the Smoker's Helpline. Staff who express readiness to quit smoking are offered assistance through the KGH Occupational Health and Wellness Department. Supports include counselling and a consultation with the Occupational Physician. As for the smoking shelters, they will be made up of two glass walls and a roof. Construction is slated to be completed in time for the October 1st deadline.