UHKF relaunches 'Honour a Caregiver' Program

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By Jennifer Anselm

There's nothing quite as rewarding as hearing that you've made a difference in someone else's life. That's been the idea behind the 'Honour a Caregiver' program since it was first launched by University Hospitals Kingston Foundation (UHKF) in 2009.

This week, the program relaunches with a brand new look, including new posters and brochures. "We hope to refresh people's thinking about the program," says Julie White, Director of Marketing and Communications at UHKF. "But the idea remains the same - it's a chance for patients and their families to express gratitude to a hospital staff member, volunteer or team who provided excellent patient care."

Once a donation has been made, the 'honoured' staff member or team receives a letter informing them that a gift has been made, along with a certificate that can be displayed. Dr. Darrin Payne and the Cardiac Surgery Team were recent 'Honour a Caregiver' recipients.

"It is very rewarding when a patient or their family acknowledges our work," says Payne. "But more than that, their donation contributes to our ability to care for someone else. What a fantastic way to both pay it back and pay it forward."

Margaret Miller, Associate Director of Major Gifts at UHKF agrees. Miller is now on site at KGH daily at the UHKF office on Empire 2. She says donating offers a tangible way for patients and families to say thanks while also furthering major redevelopment projects at KGH.

"Everyone at KGH is a part of the fundraising team. It's a win-win for patients and staff. Just by being aware of the role of UHKF and knowing how to reach us when someone wants to make a donation means you are helping to advance the mission of KGH of Outstanding Care, Always."

For example, Miller says donations can mean access to new lifesaving treatments via clinical studies that will take place at the proposed Clinical Investigation Unit at KGH.

"It's nice if staff know about programs such as Honour a Caregiver and other ways people can donate. That way if they are approached by a patient or their family who want to donate, they know how to help," she says.

Donations can be made anytime at the Cashier's office, using the brochures located around the hospital and in the UHKF office on Empire 2 or by calling UHKF at 613-549-5452. Get in touch with Margaret Miller, at ext. 4123 or 613-329-0726 or drop by her office on Empire 2 or e-mail margaret.miller@uhkf.ca.