UHKF unveils new fundraising event

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By Peter Jeffrey

'Cheers! To your Health' replacing KGH Black Tie Evening

For three decades, the annual Black Tie Evening was a signature way for people in the community to come out and support Kingston General Hospital. But this year, the University Hospitals Kingston Foundation (UHKF) is excited to put something new on the menu. Rather than holding one big dinner event, it's inviting people to host a dinner party of their own to help raise money for KGH.

"The concept is a simple one," says Lori Faggiani, UHKF Director of Annual Programs. "Throughout the month of October, people can pick a date, invite their friends over for a dinner party and have them make a donation for what they would spend on an evening out."

The event is officially called 'Cheers! To Your Health' and to help make it a success, the foundation has created some handy tools for potential hosts to consult online, including tips on how to get the party organized, collect donations and pick a theme. Some suggested ideas include a Murder Mystery Party, a Hawaiian Party, Arabian Nights, or a Country and Western Cookout, to name just a few on the list.

All of the money raised by these dinners will then be put towards the purchase of a much needed second Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) machine for KGH.

"The Black Tie events were incredibly successful over the years, but today there are several groups holding similar events so we decided the time is right to try something new," says Faggiani. "We want to have the largest month-long dinner party in the province!"

And already things are off to a great start. Many people have expressed interest in hosting a party and love the concept of being able to support the hospital with their circle of friends.

To learn more about how you can take part in 'Cheers! To Your Health' visit www.uhkf.ca and look under the "Events" drop down menu. You can also contact Lori Faggiani at 613-549-5452, ext. 5918 or at lori.faggiani@uhkf.ca.