Family presence in Pediatrics

Family integrated care is the philosophy that guides how we provide care for children in our Pediatric Program. As a parent you are encouraged to be an active member of your child's health care team. We understand the unique medical needs of children and adolescents and will partner with you to best care for your child.

As a parent in Pediatrics, you are not a visitor. You are your child’s voice, you are a vital part of your child’s care team and you are welcome here 24 hours a day. You are the most important person for your child. When your child is in the hospital, he/she needs you. We can provide excellent, state-of-the-art medical and technical care and we can provide comfort, warmth and affection for your child, but your child needs your care too. You provide the love and devotion to your child that only a parent can. We want you to be with your child as often as you can.

Only you can tell family stories, sing your favourite songs, provide breastmilk, breastfeed, bottle feed and cuddle your child in a way that is unique to you. Some children need the Pediatric Program in order to survive; all children in the Pediatric Program need a parent’s loving touch to thrive.

We encourage you to interact with your child and be involved with your child’s care as much as possible.  Activities you can do include (but are not limited to) taking temperatures, changing diapers, or feeding through naso-gastric tubes.

Our philosophy of care is meant to help you feel comfortable and to give you information you need about the Pediatric Program.  We encourage your questions and we want you to know our team is here to support you and your family for as long as you are with us.