What happens when I arrive in Pediatrics?

Once your child is admitted to the hospital, you will be given a tour of the floor so that you and your child are comfortable with your surroundings. 

The nurse, physician/resident will do a head-to-toe exam and discuss current issues as well as your child’s past medical history and any medications being taken.

An Identification Bracelet (ID) will be placed on your child’s wrist or ankle.  We ask that you tell a member of the care team if the information on the ID bracelet is incorrect or if it falls off or becomes faded. 

​You and your family may be greeted by our Child Life Specialist.  They have expertise in child development and reactions to hospitalization and are here to help your child learn to cope. Fears, anxieties and concerns are addressed through play, education and support.  We work towards your child and family having a positive medical experience.

All children under the age of two years will be placed in a room with a crib, while older children will be placed in a room with a normal patient bed. We encourages the safe sleep method and asks that all bed rails be left up, the bed be free of toys and blankets, and that children not be left in car seats and strollers when sleeping.