KGH Auxiliary makes generous donation

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By Peter Jeffrey

The volunteer group raises $472,000 to support patient care

When it comes to giving Kingston General Hospital (KGH) a helping hand, the KGH Auxiliary knows how to get the job done. The volunteer group recently tallied up its earnings from last fiscal year and then presented KGH with a giant cheque worth $472,000.

“We are dedicated to helping improve the patient and family experience in as many ways as possible, so it feels great to be making another big donation this year to the hospital,” says Jenny Raymond, KGH Auxiliary President.

The Auxiliary raises its funds each year through a mix of activities, including the operation of the Auxiliary Café, Auxiliary Gift Shop, Auxiliary Hair Salon, the Tuck Shop, Christmas Harvest Bazaar, the Teddy Bear campaign, the Lottery Booth, H.E.L.P.P. lottery tickets, and its annual golf tournament.

Already, some of this year’s big donation has been used to help buy some new equipment for our Emergency Department (ED). The Auxiliary contributed $15,000 towards the purchase of three new trauma stretchers for the unit. These stretchers are specially designed to allow for full-length X-rays so critically injured or immobile patients don’t have to be transferred or repositioned during the procedure.

“There is no doubt, the contributions the KGH Auxiliary make to fund this type of equipment greatly benefits patients’ well-being,” says Julie Caffin, Program Operational Director for the Cardiac, Critical Care and Emergency programs. “Our patients are fortunate to have such a committed team of volunteers working on their behalf.”

The stretchers aren’t the only purchase the Auxiliary has made to support the ED over the past year. The group also helped purchase four ceiling lifts and five Electrocardiography Machines for the department.

The Auxiliary also recently funded a huge purchase for our Microbiology department, namely a $260,000 Mass Spectrometer that helps detect and analyze bacterial infections in patient samples quickly, helping care teams select the right antibiotic to treat the infection.

The Auxiliary also recently bought 12 nerve stimulators for our Anesthesia and Operating Room teams.

And it’s not just equipment that the group helps buy for our hospital. The Auxiliary also directs a portion of its annual donation to support important services at KGH, including the Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence program, Spiritual and Religious Care, Mental Health, the Social Work Patient Fund and Volunteer Services.

If you’d like to learn more about the KGH Auxiliary, visit their page on our website.