What does Diagnostic Imaging look like?

Many people still call us the “X-ray department”  or “Radiology department” but the title “Imaging Services Department” covers the fact that we now have other types of imaging besides x-rays.  Some of our imaging methods use magnetic fields, high frequency sound waves, or other methods.

Most of our equipment is large and makes noise.  For instance, during an MRI scan we make sure that you are wearing hearing protection due to the loud noise that the scanner makes. Our rooms are kept cool to make sure that the equipment doesn’t overheat.  We do our best to explain to you and your family what we will be doing and how the equipment will be operating around you, during your imaging procedure.

All types of imaging, including general X-rays, now are “digital” in nature and we no longer use film-recording for storing our images.  Everything is recorded and stored in digital form on a large computer network.