Employee and physician engagement

At KHSC, we believe strongly that engagement supports a healthy workplace. We believe that engaged people create a better employee experience and a better overall experience for our patients and families. We work hard to foster an environment that promotes, drives, and sustains engagement with our employees, physicians, learners, volunteers and our patients to make KHSC a great place to work, build community and to drive better patient outcomes.

Our engagement focus is at the corporate, team and individual level. As priorities, we are focused on building trust, a learning environment, health and wellness programs and recognition. Our engagement plans are shared and co-created with our staff, physicians, and volunteers. We monitor our engagement in both formal and informal ways and take stock of our progress based on feedback from all organizational participants to create a thriving, dynamic workplace.

As a result we have enabled:

  • Better communication with others
  • A way to talk about learning and performance
  • A positive environment to learn and perform
  • Greater focus on practice
  • Collaboration for problem solving and continuous improvement
  • Improved recognition for each other
  • Opportunity to raise the profile of team successes